Saturday, November 7, 2009

#10 - Here's for the guys...

Ever since my boyfriend found out that I could knit, he has been asking me to make a hat for him. And, with his help, I've designed this hat. I chose the colors, but he chose the pattern and design--from what color the top of the hat should be (grey or navy blue) and how long the stripes should be. I made the first hat for him, and then made another for some other lucky guy. Until I'm able to sit him down in his hat (which will be hard to do with the nice warm weather outside), these pictures will have to do for now.

I'm calling this hat the Mifflin Man Hat. Keeping with my general theme of using areas in Madison as an inspiration for naming my knits, I chose Mifflin St. It's an area that (at least to me) seems to be more dominated by guys. It's a fun area of the campus that's near downtown, but still far enough away that it is it's own distinct neighborhood. And, of course, there's the Mifflin Street Block Party every May, right before final exams. The block party is a way to release a little stress before settling down into studying for the next week.

Also, I liked how Mifflin Man kind of sounds like Michelin Man. I like that large doughy tire man.

As soon as I get the boy to sit down for a few pictures, this hat will be listed in my Etsy shop (probably by Tuesday). Until then, enjoy these pictures and just imagine how great your favorite guy would look in this hat.

Now, on to watching the Badger game. They need to pull through on this one so we can keep a bowl possibility. Plus, I'd love to see them move up in the rankings. I'm planning on starting a new scarf while watching the game--a little hint, it's going to be green and navy blue (I love that color combination). And, there will be cables. 

Go Badgers!

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  1. Good luck on your new store. It looks great so far!