Monday, September 7, 2009

#2 - Camp Randall Braided Scarf

I was trying to figure out how to name my scarves...obviously I could have just named them by describing what they looked like. But I wanted them to have names, make them more identifiable.

Driving home from the gym on Friday night, I thought--Madison! Of course. Naming my scarves (or hats, or other goodies) after places that I love in Madison would be a fun way for me to bring Madison into everything I make.

So, here's my Camp Randall Braided Scarf. Camp Randall is where the UW-Madison Badgers play football. You never know what the weather might be like--even during early September it's entirely possible for it to be in the 60s. And as fall continues, it only becomes more likely that we will be standing outside in the cold cheering on the Badgers. Depending on how the game is going, that can be a long three hours and this scarf would definitely help.
This scarf has a thick cabled braid at the end and then continues in a comfortable stockinette stitch. The yarn is called Sumptuous--which is exactly how it feels. The thick cushy yarn feels so wonderful against my neck, it's hard not to wear it constantly...but that will have to wait until the weather cools, just a little.

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