Sunday, September 6, 2009

#1 - Procrastination At Its Best

A couple months ago, I stumbled across this website, At first, it just looked like a fun website to explore with unique gifts that the LB might enjoy—my first purchase was some whiskey scented aftershave for him from this wonderful etsian--Portland General Store (and yes, you get just a hint of whiskey, but it’s not so over-powering that his boss thinks he’s come straight from the bar).

Well, my exploring soon turned into an obsession. I was constantly looking at the new products made by all of these talented people. I mean, really, someone made this? With their own hands?

And then, I started thinking of my own crafting love. I have a grandma who my sister and I always called the “Crafty Grandma” (we couldn’t keep our grandmothers straight just using their names, so they had nicknames…my other grandma is “Clothes Grandma” which I couldn’t fully appreciate until later). Every time we visited her, there was a new craft project for us to try—decoupage, embossing, puff painting, quilting, cross stitch…this lady is addicted to crafting. And she got me at a young age.

But right now, the craft that I spend the most time on is knitting. And this is what I plan to fill my store with (yes, I’m going to become an Etsy seller too!) for now. Maybe someday I’ll venture into another activity, but for now, you’ll find my works in progress (WIP, for any fellow accountants out there) here, as well as my journey in starting up my very own business. It’s going to be a crazy ride I’m sure…

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