Saturday, September 19, 2009

#5 - I'd Like to Introduce...

the Bascom Scarflette!

This is the first finished project for my upcoming etsy store. It is named after Bascom Hill in Madison--a steep hill that students (myself included) often climb at least once a day. This hill was one of the scariest areas to walk during the winter, though. Being so steep, I was always nervous that the path would still be frozen over at 7:30am as I walked to class. One false move and I'd be sliding down the hill, hopefully foot first on my back. Now, this scarflette definitely wouldn't protect me during a fall, but at least I'd still look good.

The Bascom Scarflette was knit with a soft acrylic yarn (that I had previously planned on using for the Camp Randall braided scarf) in a rich deep purple. Because this yarn is so thick, I knit it in a pattern that creates small windows throughout the scarflette. Sometimes I find that my scarves can get too warm, to the point where I want to take it off, but as soon as I do, I get cold again. It's quite the conundrum. With these little openings, a little bit of air is still able to get in to keep from getting too warm...

In addition, the openings make it easy to quickly fasten the scarflette closed. This is so warm and cuddly, I can't wait to make more. And I'll be keeping one for myself.


  1. So adorable. I love making cowls and neck warmers! I crochet mine because I don't know how to knit... but I would love to learn how soon.

    The openings are a great idea!

  2. Thanks so much amandallynn! I also love being able to finish my project sooner--I get so impatient otherwise.